Our mission

Resource scarcity and carbon challenges pressure construction - as the world's biggest polluter - to use less polluting, and less virgin materials.

Circle8 Solutions is a platform aimed at helping construction companies apply circular construction materials to their design. We track material streams coming out of demolition projects, and feed this data into our matchmaking algorithm to find the best fit for your building design. Additionally the logistics, cutting, cleaning and upcycling of the materials are all taken care of!

Together, we reduce CO2, reduce virgin material use, and create the circular buildings of the future.


Data Driven

Finding your optimal material match using our innovative data solutions.

Sustainability Algorithms

Our algorithm contributes to a sustainable future.

Future Proof

Using technology and algorithms to make the building industry future proof.

Missing Link

We are the missing link between demolish & construction projects, we complete the circle.


Natural Pavilion

(Floriade expo 2022)

All glass used for "The Natural Pavilion" is re-used, just like the rest of the building. It was harvested locally and recovered from residual flows of construction and demolition material; the glass is therefore 100% circular. A unique achievement never seen before and with this the first official CO2 positive building in the world.


Koningskade The Hague

The float glass originates from an office building of the “Rijksvastgoedbedrijf“ on Koningskade in The Hague. After 40 years, the facade is due for an upgrade and is currently being renovated. Every day, windows are replaced by new high-quality glass products with an even higher insulation value.

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Maasboulevard 100, 3063 NS Rotterdam